Sublimation Pen (6 Colors) (5/pack)

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Hand-drawn design has never been so easy and full of fun! These sublimation pens are the perfect way to create your free style design. Now you can transfer your doddle artwork permanently onto T-shirt, tote bag, ceramic mug, metal board and more sublimation coated items. Simply draw your design on regular copy papers then transfer them onto substrates by sublimation printing, then you will get your unique and personalized everyday items. 

Product Feature

1. With the pens, your hand-drawn images can be transferred onto fabric, mug, glass, and more sublimation coating items.  

2. The transferred image is lightfast, waterproof, and long-lasting. It is resistant to scratches and oxidation.

3. One set of color pens includes black, blue, orange, yellow, green and red colors. Other color can be customized.

Applicable Item

1. Transferring pattern designs onto fabrics.

2. Directly applied to materials including polyester, polyamide, polyurethane, PP, PET, PVC, etc.

3. Transferring pattern designs onto glass, ceramic, wood, metal and more sublimation coated items.

Printing Instructions

1. Draw your design on a plain copy paper. 

2. Stick your design on the substrate with thermal tape.

3. Print your design onto the substrate.

Tips: A regular pencil is recommended for outlining. 

The pens can directly write on fabric. After being pressed with heat, the pattern can last long.

Note: The final image will be brighter than it appears on paper, and it will be a mirror image so the text must be reversed.

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How do I know how much my order will cost?

On, you will see aprice for the blank items, when you access the product detail papge, you canclick “CUSTOM YOUR DESIGN” to start. On the “CUSTOM YOUR DESIGN” PAGE, you willsee the printing price based on different quantity. After you choose the wayyou want to print, and click “buy now”, you will see an estimated total priceon that page.

Whatif I don't have my own artwork?

If you do not have your own graphic you wish to upload, we offersome arts at the left area of the custom page, you choose from them and designit as well.

Whatif I need to make changes after I order?

If you need to make any changes, please contact our salesrepresentative by email or call us as soon as possible. Please kindly note thatno changes can be made to an order once the proof has been approved and theproduction process has begun.

Email:[email protected]

Tel: +86-20-83375464

Whenwill I receive my order?

While placing your order, you can leave a message to us withyour desired production time (how quickly you need the products printed) and adesired shipping method (how quickly you need them shipped to you afterprinting). In most cases, it takes roughly 7-10 business days to have yourproducts perfected and printed, then shipped. The shipping time is according toyour destination port and the shipping method.


CanI see a sample of what my artwork will look like on an item before placing myorder?

On most of our items you will see howthe printing looks like. Once your order has been submitted and paid for, the productiondepartment will take your submitted design and prepare a proof, which will besubmitted for your approval via email within 48 hours of the order beingplaced.

DoI have to have my artwork ready when I order?

It is preferred that your artwork is ready at the time that youorder. However, you may upload your artwork after you have ordered as well. Ifyou upload your artwork after you order, your order will be delayed until yourartwork has been received. You can submit your artwork to [email protected], please tell us your order number.

Canyou print my mulit-color logo in one color?

If you would like to print a multi-logo color logo in just onecolor, we can alter your design to the color of your choice.

Canyou alter my logo for me?

It is fine for some tiny changes. If you need a big change, itmay take some extra days.

Whatartwork formats do you accept?

We accept illustrator .eps, ai, .ps, pdf, photoshop .psd 300 resolutions.If you have a different format, please contact our design team at [email protected]. We ask that you have your art already vectorized and yourfonts flattened if possible.

Canyou match the colors of my logo or artwork?

Our design dept and production team work closely with ourcustomers to achieve the best quality color matching possible. Please be awarethe color of the item can cause the color of the print to vary, and we cannotguarantee a 100% match in color.

* Please note that monitor settings,color settings, and lighting may cause shifts in product colors shown onwebsite. 

If you have questions or concerns about the exact product color, please contactour sales dept at 86-20-83375464